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About Me

Hello. My name is Latcarf.

I was a Vana'diel adventurer. I've worn a number of different hats, been in a multitude of amazing situations, and made many friends in the years I've been adventuring. During my adventures, I chronicle my stories in this journal.

I was a professional Fisherman and practicing Beastmaster. I had skills in Ninjitsu, White Magic, Black Magic and could fight as a Monk or Warrior if needed. Many of my travels came from my various fishing trips and much of my adventuring was done while training as a Beastmaster. I preferred to work solo in general but I was always happy when I found a good party to fight with or a couple friends to fish with.

My chronicles start quite sometime ago and end many years after they started. Some entries are very exciting and engaging, while other are insightful or just there to help me remember things. If you find something you like (or don't like) take some time to leave me a comment.

If you're not interested in reading any of my journal entries, instead feel free to download my Crafting recipe databases for PalmOS or Clamcorder, my clamming companion tool for Mac OS X. If you have an iPhone, stop by my iPhone Crafting Recipes site. It was never completed but it's mostly functional. Also, take a moment to send me a message and let me know who you are and where you're from.

Thanks for visiting The Chronicles of Latcarf.


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