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Download FFXI Clamcorder for Mac OS X now!
Clamcorder - Full Window
Clamcorder is the free, premier (exclusive), Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) clamming companion tool for Mac OS X!

Clamming in FFXI can be a fun and rewarding mini-game. If you want to be the best at clamming you need to keep good track of your bucket weight and items. This is where Clamcorder comes in!

Clamcorder - Main WindowLatcarf's Clamcorder is a simple and convenient tool to help you maximize your fun and profit while clamming in Bibiki Bay. It's easy to use, comes with complete online help, and can be customized for the economy of your server.

Clamcorder - Item Info DrawerClamcorder's item info drawer displays the weight, description, and value for every item you find while clamming. This helps you learn what items might be of benefit to you. When the info drawer isn't needed, it can be closed to keep it out of your way.

Clamcorder - Bucket Contents DrawerClamcorder's contents drawer gives you a running list of all the items in your bucket. This makes it easy to remember what you've dug up - especially when you've increased your bucket capacity and have many items.

Clamcorder - Tracker DrawerClamcorder's easy to use tracker allows you to monitor your investment and return during a clamming "session." Bucket rentals can get expensive and if you want to make a profit by clamming, you need to pay close attention to how much gil you've invested. The tracker takes care of this task for you.

ClamcorderSince a fluctuating economy often changes the value of some items, Clamcorder offers an interface to set prices on items that are applicable to your world. The item list window also makes it easy to see the weight, description, and value of all the items you can find while clamming.

To get started using Clamcorder, download the disk image, copy Clamcorder to your Applications folder and launch it. While Clamcorder is running, click the "Help" menu, then select "Clamcorder Help." After the help window opens, click on "How do I use Clamcorder?" to learn everything you need to know about using Clamcorder. You'll revolutionize your clamming experience in minutes!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about Clamcorder please contact me. As the developer and a user of Clamcorder I'd love to hear what you think about it and how it has helped you be the best clammer in all of Bibiki Bay.

Clamcorder Version History

*Clamcorder System Requirements:
Operating System:   Mac OS X 10.4.5 - Tiger (or better)
Hardware Architecture:   PowerPC G3-G5 or Intel Core
Memory:   256MB (or better)
Screen Resolution:   800x600 (or better)

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